Are you tired of switching from processor to processor hoping that you can get better service and rates? Tired of the frustration when you open your statement only to see that interchange fees have increased again? Why should you, the business owner, continue to pay for your customers' rewards points? Switch once and for all to the cash discount program for credit card processing and SAVE!!

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NO Swipe
Fees EVER!

Never be charged a fee to swipe a card again. Tear down those minimum charge signs!

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We pay the interchange fees. Interchange fees make up the majority portion of your fees. Say “NO MORE!”

NO Rate

With T3zero, you will never have to worry about rate increases again. No more negotiating difficult fees.


  • Enter total $ in sales you process each month.
  • Enter total $ in fees you pay currently.
  • This is the rate you are currently paying.
  • This is how much you could save each month.
  • This is how much you could save per year.

Are you ready to join merchants nationwide already saving thousands of dollars per year with the cash discount program?